E-Commerce Solutions

3g Global Systems is an e-commerce solution and service provider to small and medium sized businesses worldwide. 3g Global Systems market leading line of e-commerce solution provides organizations of all types the power to create e-commerce systems that leverage the capabilities of the Internet to grow their businesses.

What is E-Commerce ?

What is E-Commerce', 'Electronic Commerce (EC) is the paperless exchange of business information using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and related technologies. If you are familiar with Electronic Mail (E-Mail), computer bulletin boards, facsimile machines (faxes), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) You can very well understand what is e-commerce. These are all forms of EC. All EC systems replace all or key parts of paper-based work flow with faster, cheaper, more efficient, and more reliable communications between machines. In today's Defense Department procurement arena, however the most important EC technology to know about is Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI.

How often should a website be updated ?

Updation always brings good changes and effectiveness. There is no standard time related to how often a new version of a website should be established. However, the market indicates that most companies are making substantial changes every two to three months on average. Most of these changes reflect better service to the customer and the roll out of a new product or service. Others are based on keeping the customer interested or entertained enough to come back to the site. One particularly interesting piece of advice is that organizations can use an advisory board or group to provide feedback on their site. This group is open to suggest changes to the current structure based upon personal use as well as by comparison to competitor's sites.

How do I receive notifications of the orders from my Shopping Cart ?

There are three ways to receive order notifications:

  • You will receive a detailed E-mail for each order placed by a customer.
  • You can view orders simply by using your Web browser: Just log in to your Administration Site. Once you've entered your Username (Company ID) and password, you'll be able to view the orders over a secure connection. You can also export the information to Quickbooks, Peachtree?, or any other accounting software.
  • You can have the orders sent to you via fax.

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